About Trap Vegan

Introducing the first urban vegan clothing brand representing spirit, compassion, and the hustle.

The company is seeking to encourage an expansion of consciousness, which it believes is a major key to better health, finances, happiness, and spiritual development. The brand is advocating for consideration, compassion, and freedom for both humans and animals. Believing that what we do to and for others we also do to and for ourselves, Trap Vegan believes that those who are seeking freedom and justice, for themselves or for others, should be among the first to offer it to the billions of animals who endure needless suffering around the world as they are separated from their families, tortured, and eventually killed.   

The "Trap" in Trap Vegan represents economic empowerment, and the company encourages investing, purpose alignment, and entrepreneurship. 

Although the founder, Attorney LaFoy Thomas III, believes that an innerstanding of the spiritual principles that constitute reality can begin to heal communities, he is also aware that many people who are without financial security often lack the capacity or desire to focus and have faith in the spiritual. This dynamic often creates an environment where moral compasses are suppressed and principles, or codes of ethics, are suspended.

The firm’s founder believes that his approach to healing communities and families by integrating financial and spiritual concerns is the wave of the future as more teachers will recognize the downside of addressing the spiritual without addressing the financial and of improving the financial without considering the impact of spiritual principles on the lives of clients. Read the firm’s financial principles and core beliefs for an understanding of the firm’s approach to building generational wealth and establishing harmony, cooperation, and enlightenment among the masses.